Who We Are

Who We Are

The Global Reading Network is governed by an interagency, inter-organizational Steering Committee made up of members from bilateral and multilateral development organizations and donors, international and national NGOs, Ministries of Health, academics, and others concerned and committed to All Children Reading. 

In addition to the Steering Committee, the Network consists of its Membership, a Leadership Group within the Steering Committee, Working Groups, Task Teams, and a Secretariat, as described below.

Global Reading Network Members

The Network is comprised of practitioners, international development agencies, governments, teachers associations, academics, civil society organizations, donor organizations, UN agencies, and other stakeholders. The diversity of our membership is one of the Network's greatest strengths, enabling us to bring together professionals from all over the world to improve children's reading. Membership to the Network is open to anyone who joins the mailing list via the website, monthly newsletter, or by email.

Members participate in the Network by:

  • Serving on Working Groups and Task Teams.

  • Communicating and collaborating with the Steering Committee and Network members.

  • Attending regional meetings.

  • Engaging in learning events organized through the Secretariat.

  • Using the website to access and share knowledge.

Our membership has grown organically through our mailing list and monthly newsletter.

Steering Committee Members

Representatives serving on the Steering Committee are appointed by the standing Steering Committee,  based on their assessment of the best interest of the Network and its evolving Action Agenda. Steering Committee members serve two-year renewable terms, except in the inaugural year, when two-thirds of members serve a three-year renewable term.Steering Committee members may appoint an alternate, or the organization represented on the Committee may appoint two individuals to the Steering Committee. One or both individuals may attend Steering Committee meetings, but between them will have only one vote. Key functions of the steering committee include:

  • Providing guidance for achieving the mission and functions of the Global Reading Network.

  • Supporting the implementation of the Steering Committee’s Action Agenda though a variety of activities and inputs.

  • Attending Steering Committee meetings.

The Steering Committee will seek wide Network involvement in the development and implementation of its Agenda.

Working Groups

The Steering Committee will constitute Working Groups to support its functions and Action Agenda. The Committee will appoint a Chair or Co-Chairs from its membership to develop and oversee a Scope of Work (SOW) for the Working Group, approved by the Steering Committee. Working Groups are empowered to engage other Network members through a variety of collaborative processes, including the creation of sub-groups and committees.